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James A. Hearn is an attorney and author who writes in a variety of genres, including crime, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. He and his wife reside in Georgetown, Texas, with a boisterous Labrador retriever. An amateur astronomer, James believes everything is better under a starry sky — a good book, time with friends, or Mexican martinis. James has degrees in English and mechanical engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington, graduating cum laude in both disciplines, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from The University of Texas School of Law.


“A Beretta, Burritos and Bears,” Guns + Tacos, Episode 6, Season 1, (Down & Out Books), 2019.

From the editor: There’s a taco truck in Chicago known among a certain segment of the population for its daily specials.  Late at night and during the wee hours of the morning, it isn’t the food selection that attracts customers, it’s the illegal weapons available with the special order.  Each episode of Guns + Tacos features the story of one Chicagoland resident who visits the taco truck seeking a solution to life’s problems, a solution that always comes in a to-go bag.

The first season features original crime stories by: Gary Phillips • Michael Bracken • Frank Zafiro • Trey R. Barker • William Dylan Powell • James A. Hearn

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“Trip Among the Bluebonnets,” The Eyes of Texas (Down & Out Books), 2019.

From the publisher: Texas has it all, from bustling big cities to sleepy small towns, and law enforcement alone can’t solve every crime. That’s where private eyes come in. They take the cases law enforcement can’t—or won’t. Private eyes may walk the mean streets of Dallas and Houston, but they also stroll through small West Texas towns where the secrets are sometimes more dangerous. Whether driving a Mustang or riding a Mustang, a private eye in Texas is unlike any other in the world.

The Eyes of Texas features seventeen original tales of Lone Star State private eyes from Trey R. Barker, Chuck Brownman, Michael Chandos, John M. Floyd, Debra H. Goldstein, James A. Hearn, Richard Helms, Robert S. Levinson, Scott Montgomery, Sandra Murphy, Josh Pachter, Michael Pool, Graham Powell, William Dylan Powell, Stephen D. Rogers, Mark Troy, and Bev Vincent.

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“Tunnel Visions,” Monsters, Movies & Mayhem (WordFire Press), 2020.

From the publisher: Lights!  Cameras!  Monsters?  Join award-winning authors Jonathan Maberry, Fran Wilde, David Gerrold, Rick Wilber and others (that’s me!) for 23 all-new tales of haunted theaters, video gods, formidable demons, alien pizza, and delirious actors.  Each story takes you to the silver screen with monstrous results.

“Hard Luck Case,” forthcoming in Mickey Finn: 21st Century Noir (Down & Out Books), December 2020.

“Becoming Zero,” forthcoming in Black Cat Mystery Magazine, issue TBD.

“Blindsided,” written with Michael Bracken, forthcoming in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, issue TBD.

“Winner Takes All,” forthcoming in Mickey Finn 2: 21st Century Noir (Down & Out Books), 2021.


Writers of the Future Contest – Finalist, 2nd quarter, 2019; Finalist, 2nd quarter, 2018; Semi-Finalist, 3rd quarter, 2018; numerous Silver Honorable Mentions and Honorable Mentions. WotF is a quarterly short story contest honoring new writers in science fiction and fantasy.


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